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Rich works at Answers in Genesis.

We've settled in Fairfield, and love the area!

Rich Cartoon Character Rich (aka Web-ling) - I've gotten very involved with geocaching, which is a sort of high-tech scavenger hunt/treasure hunt using a GPS receiver to find boxes of trinkets hidden in the woods.

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Ellen Cartoon Character Ellen (aka Nutri-Mom) - Ellen is enjoying her time as Mom. When she actually gets a free moment, she enjoys reading about nutrition and current events.

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Stacey Cartoon Character Stacey (aka Miss Pumpkin)- Stacey is 16, and is in the eleventh grade this year (2012-2013). She loves science, Mario and Pokemon games, saxophone, and reads pretty much anything she can get her hands on.

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Joey Cartoon Character Joey (aka Curly Tiger)- Joey is 14. When he's not annoying his sister, Joey loves playing with his Nintendo DS and watching videos. He is in eighth grade this year (2012-2013), and is a First Class Scout in Boy Scout Troop 902.

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