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North Truchas Peak
Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico 
July 6, 1992
13,024 feet

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Map of North Truchas
Mapof route.
Cold shower in Pecos Falls
Rich at Pecos Falls
Summit of North Truchas
Summit of North Truchas
Summit of North Truchas
Summit of North Truchas.  Middle Truchas in background
Truchas Peaks
Middle and South Truchas from North Truchas.  East Pecos Baldy is to the left.
The Truchas peaks are in the Pecos Wilderness of New Mexico, in the same area as East Pecos Baldy. This was another trip with Troop 332. We started at the trailhead on Rio Mora, and hiked about 3 miles the first day. When we set up camp, we discovered that one of our rain flies was missing from one of the tents. I had an extra tent back in my pickup truck at the trailhead, so I volunteered to hike back for the rain fly. The next morning, our group split into two groups, with the older scouts in one and the younger scouts in the other. Somehow, the rain fly I went back for ended up with my group, but the tent was with the other group, so they ended up short one fly, while we ended up with an extra! Oh, well.

My group hiked north to Pecos Falls, where we spent a day playing in the freezing water. Next, we hiked west along the ridgeline dividing Santa Fe National Forest from Carson National Forest to the Truchas Lakes at about 11,800 feet. 

We ascended North Truchas Peak via the south slopes from the Truchas Lakes. We considered also climbing the other Truchas Peaks, but nobody had the energy or the ambition. We descended the same way we had come up.

From the Truchas Peaks, we hiked south toward Trailriders Wall and west along Rio Medio, then southwest through Horsethief Meadow and along Cave Creek to Panchuela West, and back to the trailhead at Cowles.

Trailhead:  From Pecos, head north on state highway 63 to Cowles. 
Route:  This is by no means the shortest route.  From the trailhead at Iron Gate, we took trail 250 to trail 224.  Followed 224 northeast up Rio Valdez all the way to trail 239, just southeast of Lost Bear Lake.  Followed 239 west to Pecos Falls, then continued to trail 25 near Cerrito del Padre.  Took trail 25 north to trail 251, which we followed west to the Truchas Lakes area.  After climbing, we continued south on 251 to 351 to 155 to trail 253 south into Horsethief Meadow.  Finally, we followed trail 288 along Cave Creek back to the trailhead at Cowles.
Distance:  about 11 miles from the trailhead to Pecos Falls, then another 11 to the summit. Return trip was about 20 miles
Climb:   About 5500 feet from trailhead to summit.  About 950 feet from Truchas Lakes to summit.
Class:  Class 1 (trail) most of the way.  Class 2 (off-trail hike) from the Truchas Lakes to the summit.
Maps:  Pecos Wilderness, Santa Fe National Forest, Carson National Forewst, Cowles 7.5-minute USGS.
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