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Black Mountain
Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico
July 10, 1994
10,892 feet

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Black Mountain

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Rich Wendling
Rich Wendling on the 
summit of Black Mountain
In July of 1994, I helped lead Boy Scout Troop 332 of Hurst, Texas on a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmeron, New Mexico. We began our hiking on July 4, hiking about 65 miles over the next 11 days.

On July 10, we came into Black Mountain Camp on the trail from the west. That afternoon, several of us decided to hike to the summit of Black Mountain.

We had been on the trail for 6 days, so we were pretty much used to the hiking and the altitude. The trail went up the west slope of the mountain, through some really pretty forests. It was good trail most of the way, other than some very rocky places around 10,400 feet.

Black Mountain got its name from the very black rocks it is made of. We discovered that our compasses did weird things, due to the iron deposits under the mountain. After resting at the summit, we returned by the same route we came by.

The next morning, we hiked out of the area toward the north.

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