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Mount Genesee, Colorado
September 4, 2001
8,284 feet

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Map of route
Map of route to summit of Genesee
Rich Wendling
Rich on the summit of Genesee
Rich Wendling and Dennis Zickefoose
Rich and Dennis on the summit of Genesee
     After having climbed Torreys, Grays, and Kelso the day before, I didn't feel like doing anything too strenuous.  But I did feel like I needed to get the kinks out of my legs so I could do something bigger the next day.  So, after finally getting the van into Cottman's Transmission to get it fixed, Dennis and I found this neat little hike to occupy ourselves.  The trailhead is south of I-70 on Genesee Mountain Road.  You pass a bunch of buffalo behind a fence, then park in a small parking lot in a picnic area.  Looking east from this parking lot, you can see a strange looking house that looks like something from the Jetsons.  The trail goes uphill through some gorgeous pines, then crosses the looping Genesee Mountain Road.  From the road, there are two trails, neither one marked.  The trail to the right goes directly to the summit.  We took the trail to the left, which intersected another trail that led to the summit.
     On the summit is a flagpole.  Apparently, since 1911, the American flag has flown at the top of this pole courtesy of the Peace Pipe Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. There is a nice view of the surrounding area, although trees block the view to the north.  After taking pictures, we hiked back to the parking lot on the correct trail.  This is a nice, easy trail.  This hike would be great for an afternoon family outing.  It was also great for a couple of out-of-shape wannabe mountain climbers with sore legs from the day before.
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