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Grays Peak, Colorado
September 3, 2001
14,270 feet

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Map of Evans
Route from 
Torreys to Grays
Grays - Torreys sign
Rich and Dennis on Grays Peak Trail
Grays from Torreys
Grays Peak from Torreys
Grays from Torreys saddle
Grays from 
Torreys saddle
Dennis on Grays
Dennis on summit of Grays
Rich on Grays
Rich on summit of Grays
Grays-Torreys from Kelso
Grays and Torreys 
from the 
summit of Kelso
     After climbing Torreys, I hiked across the saddle to Grays. Going down Torreys was easy;  I practically ran.  Going up Grays was a bit tougher.  There was quite a bit of new trail, some poorly marked, and rather steep.  I kept wondering if Dennis had made it to the top yet, or if he might have given up and headed back to the trailhead.  I kept looking toward the main Grays trail to see if I could spot him.  I saw several people who had been hiking near us before we split up, but no Dennis.  I got to the top, sat on a rock near the summit cairn, then saw Dennis about 50 yards southeast, waving and eating his lunch.  He had gotten to the summit about 30 minutes earlier.  After he finished eating and we took pictures, we headed down the main trail toward the trailhead.
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