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Mount Warren, Colorado
September 2, 2001
13,307 feet

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Map of Warren
Map of 
Mount Warren
Mount Warren from West Evans
Mt. Warren from 
West Evans
Mountain Goat
Goat on Warren
Rich on Mount Warren
Rich on Warren
Dennis and Rich
Dennis and Rich
on Warren
     What began as a trip with my best friend Dennis Zickefoose to climb Cameron, Lincoln, Bross, and six mountains in New Mexico turned into something completely different.  For some reason, God did NOT want us camping at Kite Lake.  He used a blown-out transmission on I-70 west of Denver on a holiday weekend to ensure we never made it there. 
     After being towed back to Cottman's Transmission in Wheat Ridge, checking in at a motel, and taking a city bus to Denver International Airport to rent a car, we decided to drive to the top of Mount Evans.  On the way down, we spied Mount Warren sittting there, looking easy to climb from Summit Lake, and we decided it would make a good warm-up hike for whatever else we might decide to do while stuck in Denver.  We parked at Summit Lake, and made a beeline toward the summit.  The southwestern end of the summit is a small boulder field, so we scrambled up to what we thought was the summit.  When we got there, we looked to the northeast to discover another summit that looked like it might be just a wee bit taller.  Since this was a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing, we didn't have a map that clearly identified the summit.  So we hiked across to the other summit.  From the northeastern summit, we looked back to the southwestern summit.  Now it looked a little bit higher.  So, we ended up taking pictures from both summits, just to cover our bases.  Once we got back to the motel, we looked at the map, and according to the US Geological Survey cartographers, the southwestern summit is the summit.  I'm still not sure.  The other one looked higher to me.  They must be within a couple of feet.
     From the southwestern summit, we descended to the southeast before heading back to the car at Summit Lake. 
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